Arsenic Network Inception Workshop
22 Oct 2013

Arsenic Network Inception Workshop

The initiation meeting for the Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network was held on October 22–23, 2013 in Hyderabad. The meeting was attended by a group of 25 participants from across the country and from various sectors and disciplines, like researchers, academicians and subject experts, government and corporate representatives, NGOs, and representatives from grassroots organizations.lines of action

The aim of this inception meeting was to set out goals and objectives for the network both in the short term (next one year) and long term (three to five years) and also to identify areas where the network should aim to carry our interventions or knowledge generation exercises.

Some of the main outputs / action areas / activities that were identified at the end of the meeting were:

  • A framework for the network’s functioning where the network would target activities falling under the intersection of the themes shown in the adjacent diagram.
  • A State of the Sector Report on arsenic in India.
  • Mapping institutions and monitoring flow of funds allocated for arsenic mitigation in India.
  • The network would be a repository of arsenic related knowledge and a medium for knowledge exchange.