27 Oct 2017

Clear Water is not Always Clean: Challenges of Sustainable Access to Clean & Safe Water

-Anju Helen Bara
Central University of South Bihar, Gaya

Clean and safe drinking water is a basic necessity for good health and survival of human beings. The eastern and north-eastern region of India, particularly states of Bihar, West Bengal and Assam are facing tremendous challenge in ensuring access to safe and clean water to the people. The region are worse affected by fluoride, arsenic and iron contamination. There are various challenges to the access of safe and clean water to people.

First challenge is the mitigation process and providing technological solution to reduce the exposure to the contaminated water. There has to be an appropriate technology which is in amalgamation with indigenous techniques and community knowledge. Second challenge is the operation and maintenance of the arsenic water treatment plants. In case of Bihar, the community water treatment systems has been installed by the government of Bihar.