01 Jul 2017

Role of Civil Society Organization (Samta) over Water Quality Issues Focusing on Arsenic

Khagaria is a district of Bihar. Earlier it was the part of the Munger district. Its sub-division was created in the year 1943-44. It was upgraded as a district, with effect from 10th May, 1981, vide Government of Bihar Notification no. – 7/T-1-207/79 dated 30th April, 1981.

This region is a region of rivers. There is seven rivers flow through this region and due to the regions of plains this region is flooded every year. Khagaria is located at 25.5°N and 86.48°E and has an average elevation of 36 metres.

This report mainly focused on the arsenic affected regions of Khagaria district of Bihar and the work done by Samta for the awareness of people of this district against arsenic contaminated water. It is also show the historical background of Khagaria district and its major occupation and the changes came in the agriculture after last few years. It also shows the establishment of NGO Samta and its historical background and the interventions done by it in the villages of Khagaria over water quality issues. This report also contains the list of villages of this district that is affected by arsenic with the help of the list of PHD, Khagaria. It also shows the diseases caused by arsenic contaminated water in the villages and its effect on the villages and households. This report also contains the water testing report of 2015 conducted by Samta in different households.