Jal Choupal Inception Meeting in Uttar Pradesh
07 Aug 2015

Jal Choupal Inception Meeting in Uttar Pradesh

Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network and Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network organised a state level consultation meeting, christened as Jal Choupal  on 7th August, 2015 at WSSO Office, Lucknow to initiate a collaboration of the diverse knowledge and action nodes within Uttar Pradesh on water quality issues. The meeting also aimed at attempting an understanding of the state of groundwater in Utttar Pradesh.

The outcomes of the meeting were:

  • Increased knowledge and action on drinking water quality and public health issues in state of UP
  • Launch of Water quality Atlas on line version by WSSO/SWSM, UP
  • Sharing success stories on water quality and health risks mitigation
  • Launching of UP Chapter of Arsenic and Fluoride National Networks
  • Providing information about various products and services for water quality testing and water purification technologies
  • Providing information about Public Health risks due to poor water quality and its mitigation measures

Policy recommendations for Water Quality and Health towards Health for all