05 Mar 2017

Capacity building workshop

Arsenic Knowledge and Action Network supported two individuals from Kolkata and Assam for their participation in a Capacity building Workshop held from 1st- 4th March 2017 on household level water treatment technologies. The four day workshop and training program was jointly organised by CAWST and the Sehgal Foundation at Samastipur, Bihar. It was participatory by nature and the participants were drawn into the program through a continuous series of activities and games. The significant role of multi-barrier approach (1.Source protection, 2.Sedimentation, 3.Filtration, 4.Disinfection, and 5.Safe storage) for getting safe drinking water was discussed. Participants were given training on different water treatment technologies. In the field visit as a part of the training program, participants were given practical demonstration of installation of Jalkalp Bio-Sand filter in one of the households. Participants also met the community members where they were told how the household water treatment through bio-sand filter is bringing changes in the community.

A brief report by Binoy Majumdar, one of the trainees from The Researcher, West Bengal